List of Experts: Luxury and Spirits


To identify a list of experts in the luxury and spirits industry, specifically in Russia and China, who can provide perspective on industry changes and future positioning, which can assist with interview preparation.

Early Findings

Russian Experts

1. Dr. Alexander Mechetin

  • Dr. Alexander Mechetin is the founder and CEO of the Beluga Group, which is the largest spirits company in Russia.
  • Dr. Alexander Mechetin has worked in the spirits industry for over 20 years.
  • The LinkedIn page for Dr. Mechetin notes he graduated from business school at the University of Oxford in 2008.
  • His professional connections include the Beluga Group (CEO), Penta Agrogrup OAO (director), Royal Credit Bank OJSC (director), Sword Enterprises (director), Synexec Securities Ltd (director), Agroprocessing Holdings Ltd (director), and Delovaya Rossiya OOO (member-general council).
  • Estimated public asset worth of Dr. Mechetin is $135,004,633 in USD.

2. Oleg Yasenov

  • Oleg Yasenov is the marketing director for Russia's largest spirits company, the Beluga Group.
  • The LinkedIn profile notes Oleg Yasenov's prior employment was the head of brand management for Reemtsma-Kyrgyzstan, and he studied Business at American University-Central Asia.
  • Reemtsma-Kyrgyzstan is a tobacco company, noted to be the world's fourth largest cigarette manufacturer, located in Kyrgyzstan.

3. Aizel Trudel

  • Aizel Trudel is the CEO and founder of, which was the first luxury and fashion retailer in Russia.
  • Trudel also is the president of the Landau Fashion Group, according to her LinkedIn profile.
  • The international shoe brand, Christian Louboutin, was introduced in Russia by Trudel 20 years ago.
  • Trudel continues working with high-end brands, such as Chanel, Prada, and Gucci, assisting these brands with specific audience-targeted marketing.
  • Today, Trudel assists emerging Millennial designers by assisting them in gaining recognition, such as connecting them to the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.

Proposed next steps:

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We are suggesting research that provides 2-3 additional Russian luxury experts, with a focus on marketing to the Millennial population, and 4-5 Chinese luxury experts, also with a focus on those marketing to the Millennial population, and 4-5 United States experts with experience marketing to the African American population. For each expert, we will identify the expert's current professional role, why s/he is considered an expert, his/her area of expertise, and a link to his/her LinkedIn profile for contact purposes. Luxury industries are defined as hospitality, fashion, and food/beverage, preferably with connections to alcohol/spirits industry. Please check this box if we should proceed with this research.
We are also suggesting research that provides 2-3 trends in the luxury and spirits industries in each country of focus - United States, Russia, and China. For each trend, we will identify the trend, explain why it is a trend, and identify 1-2 industry experts/leaders discussing the trend. Luxury industries of focus would be hospitality, fashion, food/beverage, preferably with alcohol/spirits connections. Please check this box if we should proceed with this research.