Industrial Crane Control Device Manufacturers


To provide a list of major industrial crane control device manufacturers (AC Device only) in the United States and details about their smart features. This will be used to develop smart (Iot) crane control equipment.

Early Findings

The required information about industrial crane control device manufacturers is contained in the attached spreadsheet.

PaR Systems

  • PaR Systems is an "intelligent solutions provider for driving quality, productivity, and safety in manufacturing and other demanding environments since 1961. The company provides advanced motion control solutions for industrial cranes."
  • The company's headquarters is located at 707 County Road E West, Shoreview, Minnesota, United States.
  • Smart feature technologies manufactured by the company include CRANEVISION™, EXPERTOPERATOR™, SAFEMOVE™, and AUTOMOVE™.
  • CRANEVISION™ is a side load and snag detection technology. By manipulating the bridge and trolley and hook position, CRANEVISION™ helps control the side pull and snag conditions to enable stability.
  • EXPERTOPERATOR™ is an antisway technology and a "hardware module that intercepts pendent commands and converts them into expert commands."
  • SAFEMOVE™ is collision prevention technology, which prevents the crane and payload from entering into virtual zones.
  • AUTOMOVE™ helps achieve repeated automatic and accurate load placement.

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