Company list for Surwayne


To have a list of companies that could be clients of Surwayne

Early Findings

Info on Surwayne

  • In order to determine the type of clients that would use a project like Surwayne's, we first researched the company.
  • Location: Germany, but sells in English online. Therefore, potential clients could be anywhere.
  • Services: Surwayne provides a project management survey tool. It tracks project performance and identifies improvement areas, helping to reduce project costs and increase the project's success. Surwayne also focuses on employee engagement and feedback on projects.
  • Focus: Business transformation change projects
  • Company types: All sizes, "ideal for any environment, from freelancers to large corporations, for agencies, universities, creative teams, consultancies and many more."
  • Previous clients: Anglo American Platinum

Types of Companies that would Benefit from Surwayne

  • Companies that would benefit from Surwayne are those where a "project pulse check and team engagement solution can help increase project success."
  • Companies that have a culture to fit the Surwayne tool are companies that value employee feedback
  • Project managers (and hence project management software) are increasingly in demand in the following industries: manufacturing, finance and insurance, management and professional services, information services and publishing, construction, utilities, oil and gas. According to a different source, the top industries using project managers are construction and engineering, financial services, information technology, healthcare, and law
  • Another project management software, Wrike, is used by brands such as PayPal, AT&T,, MTV, Capgemini, Ecco, Hootsuite, HTC, Hawaiian Airlines, and Purestorage.

Building a Company List

  • Our initial research shows that there are no ways to find companies that are struggling with project management - that isn't something they discuss publicly on their company blogs, press releases etc.
  • There are however some lists and articles featuring companies that value employee feedback. Most of these lists though focus on companies that are already getting feedback right, rather than those that value it but could benefit from a tool that will help them improve how they do it.
  • For example, Zappos has a system of self management called holacracy, while Patagonia values a work-life balance for their employees.
  • Companies that value employee feedback seem to be those that also prioritise positive working conditions.

Proposed next steps:

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