List of Potential GPs for a VC


To find potential General Partner (GP) candidates for starting an impact Venture Capital (VC) fund and list them in a spreadsheet. The ideal candidate should be an experienced investor that did not recently start a new fund or initiative, based in Israel or Sillicon Valley, who is supportive of the principles behind Burning Man, and who has at least $500,000 that he would be willing to commit to the fund.

Early Findings

  • A total of 84 General Partners that have started working at their current position more than 4 years ago, and that are based in either the Sillicon Valley or Israel have been identified. Additionally, 4 angel investors that are based in either the Sillicon Valley or Israel have been identified.
  • This spreadsheet has been filled out with the names of the individuals, their location, and information about their gender, using data from Crunchbase.
  • Additionally, the number of partner investments have been provided as a proxy to their investment experience and the number of founded organizations have been provided as a proxy to their startup experience.
  • The LinkedIn and Facebook profiles of the investors have also been provided, where available.
  • There are 7 female investors in the spreadsheet, two of which have at least mentioned Burning Man at one point in time. Cheryl Cheng mentioned Burning Man in a recent tweet, while Liron Azrielant identified herself as a "5th time burner" in a Quora answer posted in 2011. While her profile on Quora seems to have not been updated in a long time, she appears to be the same person listed in the spreadsheet, as both individuals have graduated from MIT in 2011, and have strong ties to Israel.
  • Preliminary research determined that information on the estimated free capital of the investors may not be available in the public domain. The number of investments and the size of each investment could be used as a proxy, although they may not be reliable indicators to the person's available capital.

Research proposal:

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