Real Estate Equity Investors - Orlando


To find real estate equity investors in Orlando, Florida.

Early Findings

  • Liberty Investment Properties has offices all over the US, including Orlando. They have many commercial office building projects in their portfolio.
  • HIS Capital Group is an Orlando-based private RE investment group. They specifically state office buildings as one of their investments types and can function as either a private money lender or provide whole note investments.
  • V3 Capital do not directly invest themselves, but they leverage their network of private partners to help owners get the capital they need.
  • Blake Income Assets is a regional firm investing in commercial real estate projects.
  • The Orlando Opportunity Fund is a private fund focusing on early stage and commercial real estate. Their typical range is $1-5 million.
  • FCP invests its privately-held funds in residential and commercial real estate projects. Orlando is one of their primary markets. The company operates in 16 states and has funded 4.1 million square feet in office space already. Their investment types for commercial spaces are listed as, "Equity, Joint Venture, Preferred Equity, Mezzanine, and Programmatic Ventures".

Proposed next steps:

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