B2B Media and Reporters


Identify reporters and media outlets covering B2b business growth, challenges, and strategy.

Early Findings

Media Outlets

  • Forbes magazine is considered an authority on B2B and all things business. It's "one of the most popular B2B magazines."
  • Business Insider is one of the top business media outlets covering all things business, including B2B. A list of Business Insider reporters can be found here.
  • Quartz, founded by Atlantic Media, is a "strong B2B magazine that has created a thriving community."


We were unable to identify any reporters who specialize in covering B2B business growth, strategies, and challenges in our first hour of research. We searched the editorial staff at each of the above publications, as well as other publications, but could not locate any reporters focusing on this area in particular.

Proposed next steps:

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Although we were unable to identify any reporters in our initial research, we propose additional research that will allow us to search more thoroughly for reporters covering these topics. If we're still unable to find any reporters specializing in B2B specifically, we can create a list of reporters covering business or marketing in general who frequently write about B2B business topics.
Next, we can expand our list of the top media outlets covering B2B business growth, strategies, and challenges, and provide more details on each of the outlets we identify, including sample articles.