Satellite TV Suppliers


To identify a list of small satellite TV distributors in the US, and any information relating to mergers and acquisitions in the industry.

Early Findings

  • The satellite TV industry has remained a duopoly for a long time. The largest satellite TV distributor in the US, Direct TV, was acquired by AT&T in a $48.5 billion deal.
  • As of late, reports are resurfacing regarding a potential merger between Direct TV and Dish. If successful, the merger will reduce the number of satellite TV distributors in the US to one.
  • Direct TV and Dish have been attempting a merger as far back as 2002. The deal was rejected by the FCC on the grounds that it would effectively create a monopoly.
  • In 2014, Direct TV and Dish again tried to merge citing low growth and high cost in the satellite TV industry. However, before the FCC could make a final declaration on whether to go ahead or not, AT&T bought Direct TV and maintained the duopoly.

Research proposal:

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