Research Outline

AI Technology in Creative Industries


The goal is to find use cases for AI technology in creative areas such as photography, editing, and writing.

Early Findings

  • Smartphones, such as the Google Pixel models, are starting to embed AI technology in their cameras. This technology allows the camera to better group images and add enhancements such as filters and other effects.
  • Arsenal is a device that attaches to existing digital cameras that uses AI to suggest the best settings for photos based on the subject, surroundings, and other factors.
  • AI is being used in photography in other ways besides photo editing and quality; there are now AI features in many cameras and phones that can compress images into files that are much smaller and can be stored easier without losing quality.
  • Grammarly is a well-known writing tool that uses AI. The app, available on computers and mobile phones, uses AI to find writing errors and quality issues, as well as remember new words and create reports on a person's writing quality over time.
  • AI Writer is a writing software program that gathers information on a given subject, as well as automatically insert the proper citations.
  • Qordoba is a writing tool that is most often used by teams of writers. The tool automatically standardizes writing between multiple people to create a seamless style and voice from everyone.
  • The software Crayon can be used by bloggers to automatically identify hot topics and content gaps that can be used to create more popular posts.