Pest Damages


Obtain the estimated quantitative and qualitative losses or damage caused to livestock by pests or insects in the US and in the world. Determine also the obstacles or difficulties farmers have when trying to control livestock pests and insects.

Early Findings

Pest Damages

  • Based on a report from the Michigan State University, Pesticide Education Program, the USDA stated that "losses in production and costs of control" in the cattle sector as a result of cow lice is over $126 million a year.
  • Agriculture authorities also estimated that lice infestations in poultry resulted in around 46% reduction in egg output.
  • Based on a report from the North Dakota State University, horn flies are reducing the weight of livestock animals by around 20 pounds. These pests account for around $1 billion per year in economic loss in the U.S.
  • Farmers are having difficulty controlling these pests as the uncontrolled application of pesticides can result in pest resistance.
  • Pest control is also expensive for farmers.
  • According to the University of Massachusetts - Center for Agriculture, Food and the Environment, horn flies is capable of feeding 10 to 38 times daily. This can cause some inconvenience to the animals, resulting in reduced grazing time and lesser weight gains and milk output.

Summary of Findings:

  • Our one hour of research provided statistics (hard data) or insights that pertain to the losses or damage on livestock by pests or insects in the US
  • We also presented the obstacles or difficulties that farmers face when trying to control livestock pests and insects.

Research proposal:

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