Research Outline

Monthly Reoccurring Revenue-Market Scan


To support market analysis by pinpointing larger companies that have monthly reoccurring revenue (MRR) . Credit cards should be a key source of the revenue- these companies should have more than $100m a year in revenue from credit cards, with their business model incorporating credit cards for more than 40% of the business and where cards are kept on file. The list of these companies should not include those with apps of their own (whether on the Apple Marketplace or elsewhere.) The priority is B2B companies, especially those in niche industries where there might be less competition. The list of companies should contain a) the industry they participate in, b) the potential size of the MRR, and c) the CEO if available. The final list should be sorted by the size of the MRR. The annual reports of public companies should be the first priority when finding data. Finally, do not include ADT, ClubCorp, RackSpace, Godaddy, 1and1 in the search.

Early Findings

  • MRR is tracked for two primary reasons: for financial forecasting and planning, and for measuring growth and momentum.
  • [24] is a customer acquisition and engagement software and services provider, and has $25.5M in MRR. Their CEO is PV Kannan.