Research Proposal

Consumer Insights on Hand Sanitizers and Hand Soaps


  • To obtain customer insights on hand sanitizers and hand soaps.

Early Findings

In the first hour of research, some customer sentiments and insights were identified for hand soaps and sanitizers. These insights have been outlined below.

Hand Sanitizers

  • Customers like the mild scent of some hand sanitizers. They find its scent to be "great." They think they are leass aggressive than other scents.
  • Some customers are sensitive to scents and therefore find mind scents a little more tolerable than others.
  • They also like the "alcohol-free" wipes. Some view the alcohol-free sanitizers as being "easy on the skin."

Hand Soaps

  • Some customers like the scents of soaps and this is part of the reason they choose to make the purchase.
  • They also like the "nourishing formula" in some hand soaps. One such brand is the Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Wash.
  • Customers say some hand soaps do not leave a residue on the hands and the brand is trusted.
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