Research Outline

Shipping & Logistics Industry


To get a high-level overview of the shipping and logistics industry.

Early Findings

Our background research about the shipping and logistics industry provided the following information:

Market Overview

  • The global shipping and logistics industry uses four transport segments, including road, inland water, air, and rail. The industry offers services like "inventory management, packaging, warehousing, freight and shipping, distribution, customs clearance, materials handling, and express shipping."
  • Some important end-users of the industry include "manufacturing and automotive, oil and gas, mining, and quarrying, agriculture, fishing, and forestry, construction, distributive trade (wholesale and retail segments — FMCG included)."
  • For the freight and logistics market, "Asia-Pacific is the fastest-growing region globally, followed by North America." According to a report from Mordor Intelligence, "China is the leading freight forwarding market globally."
  • According to the data published by Select USA, "the United States business logistics costs reached $1.6 trillion in 2018 (8 percent of GDP that year), and the foreign direct investment in the industry totaled $1.5 billion."
  • "The North America logistics market reached a value of around $947 billion in 2019, as per a report from the IMARC Group."

Market Size and Growth

  • "The global freight and logistics market was valued at $13.2 billion in 2018 and is expected to grow with a CAGR of 3.5% between 2019 and 2025, as per the data from Market Research Future."
  • According to a report from Transport Intelligence, "the total value of the global logistics market amounted to €6.0 trillion ($6.6 trillion) in 2019."

Key Players by Sales

The leading companies in the global logistics industry, by 2019 sales, include:

Summary of Findings

  • While information about the global market is available in the public domain, recent financial figures (for the year 2020 and 2021), such as market size and CAGR, are paywalled. Information about growth drivers, key trends, market opportunities are available in the public domain, and further research about these topics is recommended. Since the geographical scope for the research wasn't provided, we have included information about the global and the US shipping and logistics market; however, it should be noted that publicly available information about the US market is limited.


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