Research Outline

Technical Roles - Overview


To provide an overview of the intern and entry-level positions in technical roles to understand the addressable market, customer segments, and number and type of companies needed to diversify the tech industry and cover student support costs in the coming 10 years.

Early Findings

Most Competitive Technical Roles

  • A publication by Cio provides a list of the 10 most in-demand tech jobs for entry-level positions for 2021.
  • Love Money also provides the 20 most competitive jobs in the U.S.
  • A CNBC publication opined that as of 2019, the United States had about 700,000 unfilled tech-related jobs.
  • An analysis done by Linkedin revealed that technical skill categories like cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and analytical reasoning topped the list of the most sort after tech jobs in the U.S.
  • By industry, the highest paying tech jobs are aerospace & defense industry ($109,698 ), utilities & energy industry ($106,780 ), bank/financial/insurance industries ($105,170 ), entertainment/media ($103,608), and the computer software industry ($102,739).
  • According to Get Educated, the Best three entry-level positions in the technical field are computer programming, web development, and computer support specialization.
  • Analysis of the publications by Huxley, Career Karmar, and U.S News, reveals that the best 10 technology jobs available in the United States include;
    • Business intelligence analyst
    • Cloud architect
    • Data (analyst, scientist, engineer)
    • Developer (web, software, mobile)
    • DevOps engineers
    • Help desk and desktop support professionals
    • Cloud administrator
    • Network security (architect, engineer, administrator) and
    • Systems administrator.


Our initial research provided some insights into the most competitive technical roles in the United States and where they are concentrated (top, large tech, Large, non-tech companies, or small and medium-sized companies). As there was no geographic focus provided to us, we are assuming a US focus. If a more broad approach is desired, for example, a global focus, this would have to be clearly communicated to us in any reply. We would also want a better understanding of the contextual meaning of “economy companies” to help with the research. We advise selecting from the below listed proposed next steps (PNS) to help us complete the project.