Key Competitors


Compare key competitors of Manheim Express in the automotive wholesale space, specifically ACV and TradeRev, and provide info on current positioning and key message, current marketing, special promotions, and product comparison, as well as any competitive attack content published by either against Manheim

Early Findings


  • TradeRev offers a system connecting dealers with one another in order to move wholesale inventory efficiently.
  • The site sells itself as a one of a kind "next-generation automotive marketplace", and also notes a vision of a world "where automotive transactions are fair and easy for everyone".
  • The site offers three levels of seller options, general, VIP, and all access.
  • They offer a promotion this November called Pedal to the Metal where sellers that exceed targets by a certain amount receive electronics, such as Amazon Echo, Bose Sound System, or an Apple TV.


  • ACV is a wholesale auction based automotive site.
  • The company recently expanded, and is hiring new salespeople and offering related promotions.
  • The company offers their users condition reports, Audio Motor Profile, Virtual Lift, payment and transportation services.
  • Buyer fees range between $50-150.

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