Functional Beverages - Consumers


To understand the audience for health and medicinal beverages, specifically the age groups of this individuals and other insights on who they are, as well as, how they shop.

Early Findings

  • According to NPD, younger adults, specifically those between ages 18 to 24 are 45% more likely to express an interest in beverages and foods that have benefits like promoting brain health, than other demographics.
  • Based on a different study, millennials are driving the demand for functional beverages and foods as roughly 70% of these individuals seek out immediate impactful benefits from what they consume.
  • These individuals are the "biggest buyers of fortified foods, including prebiotics and probiotics."
  • These consumers aren't just interested in functional beverages as a whole, they are actively seeking out beverages with immune health benefits.
  • They are demanding more when it comes to functional beverages. They want a wide range of flavors and different forms of beverages. They are also opting for all-natural and plant-based functional beverages.


  • Within our initial hour of research, we found that healthy and medicinal beverages are known as functional beverages - part of the nutraceutical industry.
  • Other than the fact that medicinal beverages are mainly consumed by millennials, there was little to no information on demographic categories like the gender, average income, and ethnicity of people who consume functional beverages.

Proposed next steps:

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