Research Proposal

Series B Compensation Benchmarks


Gain an understanding of compensation benchmarks for Series B/C startups for engineering, technology, and product roles, as well as data on bonuses and equity, and how pay varies by seniority

Early Findings

  • The average salary for a product leadership role at a later stage/ Series B or C startup is estimated to be around $200,000, with data scientists and engineers paid around $100,000. HR roles are paid approximately $150,000.
  • It's also noted that at later stages, startups have more predictable figures to go off of, and there tends to be less salary discrepancy.
  • The average compensation at late stage startup ventures is estimated to be $150,000. For Series B, the average is approximately $99,083.
  • Series B companies award an average a stock compensation average of $3,750.
  • Series B company Buffer offers a "Salary Calculator" tool which allows for the calculation of salaries of various roles that account for cost of living in the area of hire.
  • Pay bands vary quite a bit based on location. For example, the tool calculates a software engineer in an area with a low cost of living might earn $74,000, where one in a high cost of living city such as San Fransisco or New York might make $98,750.
  • The tool also allows for calculation of pay rates based on level of seniority and for various other roles including product managers, CTO, and sales positions.
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