Research Outline

Project Tracking Methods


To identify effective ways of tracking progress in multiple projects and sharing information with the project team to ensure that the project due date won't be missed. The ideal response would include:
  • Three case studies of project management methodology with details on how project data was managed to ensure that problem areas were identified proactively
  • Each case study would also include information on the methodology's pros and cons

Early Findings

Data Availability

  • The initial hour of research has revealed sufficient available information regarding case studies of project tracking methods.

Case Study #1: Use of

  • The use of, a project management software, is an effective way to track progress in projects and share progress information with team members.
  • Brad Wohlgemuth, director of Creative Sales at Discovery Inc., used to manage the multiple projects being handled by the team he leads, the Creative Services 14-member team. This team supports "ad sales in creating B2B marketing material."
  • The Creative Services "team handles hundreds of projects a year as well as a few events, so a project board was helpful to keep them organized." Using the boards, the "team was able to break down the necessities of each project, create timelines, assign roles, and stay on track all from one place." allowed the whole team to see the project's big picture while also allowing each team member to see the progress on smaller individual tasks across multiple projects.
  • According to Wohlgemuth, "It ( allows us to quickly see everything in the pipeline along with all pertinent details."

Toggl Plan

  • Another project tracking tool is the Toggl Plan. According to Toggl Plan, "When it comes to project tracking, Toggl Plan is best for teams that don’t need a lot of bureaucracy or paperwork."
  • This tool provides a Gantt Plan timelines that allow the project team to have a clear idea of the project's progress. Using this tool, one "can also create color-coded milestones for important dates."

Summary of Early Findings

  • We have provided a case study and project tracking tools for tracking progress in a project. The initial hour of research was also spent checking for the availability of the needed information in the public domain. The project management methodologies that are publicly available are focused on the use of different project management software or tools.
  • We have assumed a global view for this research. If a narrower view is desired, for example, a US focus, this will have to be communicated to us in the reply.