Research Outline

Looking to better understand the motivations, behaviours and technology buying journeys of human resources (HR) decision makers

Early Findings


To understand the motivations and behaviours of HR executives during the purchasing journey of IT solutions for their HR needs. The information will be used to deepen the understanding of the audience to target for HR technological products such as workforce management tools, human capital management tools and other similar HR solutions.

Early Findings

  • The IT market for HR tools is a huge market involving hundreds of IT solutions aimed at HR and worth $12 billion.
  • IT managers are faced with a challenging task when needing to purchase the IT solution that will best suit them.
  • To help them in this endeavor, numerous websites propose rankings and detailed reviews of the best solutions, such as Kissflow, Capterra, Financesonline, PCmag, Selecthub and many others.
  • Some companies offering IT solutions for HR have even written manuals aimed at HR managers on how to conduct the whole purchasing journey for IT solutions.
  • Other websites supply HR managers with best practices involved in making the best decision to choose an IT solution based on specific needs of each organization.

Proposed Next Steps

During our research, we found a multitude of sources aimed at HR managers looking for IT technological solutions. However, there was a lack of information concerning the buying journey of HR managers for these types of solutions.
  • We propose a deep dive into how these companies and websites address their HR managers targets, including the type of content, the language used, the types of products offered and other aspects, which would give an idea on their understanding of the HR managers behaviours. (3 Hours,$75)

The way these websites address these audience can be analysed and used to build a profile and how It managers behave when buying IT products. These sites show the sources HR managers use to find out about the It products.


There are additional options available and we propose continuing the research so we can provide an additional 5-7 services that offer vegetarian options, along with details on menu options, prices, and any minimum order requirements. (3 hours, $75)

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