Research Outline

POS Systems - Pubs and Restaurants


To provide a breakdown of POS systems used by bars and restaurants in London and the UK. The breakdown will identify the POS systems, the services provided by the POS system, how easily they integrate with other apis/backends generally, and instances where there are third party food apps already integrated with the POS systems on the list.

Early Findings

Bar POS systems

  • Recommended features for a bar POS system aside from standard features such as order taking, payment processing, employee management, inventory tracking, and data recording and reporting, are having an interface that moves quickly, tab transfer and selection among systems, accounting and tip out, and cash discount and surcharge capabilities.
  • identified the six best POS systems for bars and pubs in the UK as TouchBistro, Zonal, iKentoo, iZettle Pro, Lightspeed Restaurant, and EPOS Now.
  • also listed the best POS systems for bars as iZettle, EPOS Now, Touch Bistro, Square, and Lightspeed.

Restaurant POS systems

  • Recommended features for a restaurant POS system are interfaces that enable a quick checkout, is easy to manage and use, provides efficient inventory control and reporting, easy table management and reservations, comprehensive training, quality support, and built0in marketing tools.
  • listed its five best POS systems for restaurants in the UK as TouchBistro, Lightspeed, iZettle Pro, EPOS Now, and Goodtill.
  • listed EPOS Now, Lightspeed for Restaurants, Square for Restaurants, and TouchBistro as the top four POS systems for restaurants in the UK. iZettle and Nobly were named as the best of the rest.


  • During the initial hour of research publicly available information was found regarding the best suited POS systems for pubs and restaurants in the UK. However, despite searches of pub and restaurant association website, industry blogs and general hospitality industry websites for London, the research team was unable to source information specific to the usage of POS systems in London pubs and restaurants.
  • The POS systems identified for pubs and restaurants in the UK are TouchBistro, Zonal, iKentoo, iZettle Pro, Lightspeed (for restaurants and pubs), EPOS Now, Square (for restaurants and pubs), Goodtill, and Nobly.
  • The proposed research path is outlined in the sections below. Please advise if continued research should continue to focus on London specifically, or whether it can be expanded generally to the UK.

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