Research Outline

Market Research Vendors


To build a list of vendors that can provide market research for venture capital firms and/or financial service firms. The vendors should be those that specialize or have experience in working with financial service clients or venture capital firms, and provide market research across one or more of the following categories: 1) Voice-of-Customer (VOC) research (i.e. discovering the wants and needs of customers via qualitative and quantitative research, such as surveys or merchant interviews), 2) mystery shopping research, and 3) social listening research (i.e. monitoring a brand's social media channels for customer feedback and direct mentions). The vendors should also be located in or around the EST timezone, but should be able to provide research services for international markets (specifically Asia/South East Asia, Europe, India, and Africa). There should be ~16 vendors provided, including ~5 that specialize in research for the Asian/South East Asian market, ~5 that specialize in the Indian market, ~3 that specialize in the European market, and ~3 that specialize in the African market. Ideally, vendors should focus on consulting/research full-time and can provide research in a turnaround of ~1 week. The output of the research should be a spreadsheet. Vendors can either be companies or independent consultants. For each vendor, the following should be included:
  • Company name.
  • Link to website.
  • Headquarters location.
  • Links to relevant LinkedIn profiles.
  • The geographies that the vendor has expertise in.
  • The industries that the consultant has expertise in.