Research Proposal

Commercial Office Sublease Companies


To provide a competitive analysis on companies offering commercial office subleases to inform the client’s knowledge base of offerings and emerging companies in this space.

Early Findings


  • According to their LinkedIn profile, LiquidSpace is “the network for office space where startups and growing teams connect directly with real estate owners, operators and companies that have space to share.” They feature online tools to “simplify the discovery and transaction of office space,” and provide a legal framework to help eliminate “the cost and complexities of traditional leasing.”

Employees, Revenue, Funding

  • This privately-held company was founded in 2010 in San Francisco, California, and has between 11 and 50 employees.
  • According to Owler, they have estimated annual revenue of $4.3 M, and have received $24.9 M in funding to-date with one equity round, one seed round, one Series A round, one Series B round, and one Series C round of funding.

Services They Provide

  • They provide real-estate services for companies wishing to rent office space and for companies wishing to lease office space, “seamlessly connecting growing teams and professionals looking for space, directly with venue partners, space providers, real estate professionals, and service providers.” They offer different experiences for each of the following types of customers: corporate real estate managers, professionals, startups, brokers, coworking space owners, building owners, serviced offices, private business owners, and hotels.
  • They offer everything from “emergency swing space to longer-term offices,” with clients choosing their workable space – team office, temporary space, project space, and satellite office. The client also chooses their office space amenities, with a large selection from which to choose that includes options like hosted reception services, pet-friendly offices, and places with window views.

Geographic Region Serviced

  • They serve cities all across the US and the world, with their top cities listed as: San Francisco, Chicago, New York, Washington DC, Boston, Austin, Los Angeles, and Atlanta in the US, and Sydney and Melbourne in Australia.

Competitive Advantage s

  • They are well-established in the marketplace, having served 105,000 teams and professionals, having 11,000 verified venue partners, have conducted 5.9 million transactions, and having served over 2500 cities around the world. They claim to be the largest of their business type in the world.
  • Their competitive advantages are numerous, though their “lose the lease” option is likely the most valuable to clients. This option works with Dash, “an industry standard license for flexible workspace transactions,” and provides a quick-and-easy legal document between real estate owners and lessees, that allows the rental to be month-to-month and without a long-term binding lease.
  • Additionally, they offer instant connection capabilities to their clients (real estate owners and lessees) with real-time updating of their listings, provide support for monetizing spaces, offer digital solutions for “both guests and venues,” offer flexible booking terms as well as cancellation policies, and provide a simple payment platform that includes payment authentication and automatic monthly processing. They also provide expert advice to all clients, offer market insights curated by their proprietary algorithm, and offer exclusive savings benefits to their network clientele.

Findings Summary

  • We have completed one case study on LiquidSpace toward creating a comprehensive analysis of the competitors in this market.
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