Research Outline

Health tech incubators/accelerators - competitive landscape


  • To find a competitive landscape of US health-tech incubators/accelerators and their offerings.
  • To compare the education content and training offerings of various US healthcare accelerators and incubator programs.

Early Findings

Data Availability

  • Initial research indicates sufficient data availability on US healthcare accelerators and incubator programs and their offerings in terms of training/education content and programming in the public domain.

Health tech incubator/accelerator programs in the US

  • Several healthcare accelerators and incubator programs connect startups to corporations that want to disrupt the healthcare industry. Some of these accelerator programs like Plug and Play Tech Center "focus on digital health technologies that challenge clinical practices, improve data analytics, and enhance the patient journey across the continuum of care."
  • The focus areas of Plug and Play Tech Center include hospital workflow, AI & big data analytics, medication adherence, sensors & wearables, and telemedicine & care management. It also focuses on chronic disease management, mental health, VR/AR, and diagnostics.
  • Since its inception in Silicon Valley in 2015, Plug and Play's health program has expanded to cover six global locations. It has accelerated over 300 hundred startups "in partnership with more than thirty corporations and made" over 80 investments.


  • Accelerator and incubator education programs (including Plug and Play Tech Center) often partner with pharma and health companies like Novartis, Atrium Health, Boehringer, Ingelhein, Bayer, Pfizer, and several other companies to deliver their services.


  • Accelerator and incubator education programs (including Plug and Play Tech Center) often publicly make some training and selection resources available to entrepreneurs


  • There is sufficient information in the public domain to provide 8 to 10 additional companies in the attached spreadsheet offering accelerator and incubator education programs in the United States. This can include accelerator and incubator website, the terms of training/education content, and the he programming entrepreneurs and startups get when joining. Also include a list of available resources for entrepreneurs/startups, link to publicly available resources (such as videos), and pricing model (stating pricing range where available).