Webinar Platforms


To gather information on the features and prices of different webinar platforms, including GoTo Webinar, Zoom Webinar, On24, Microsoft Live Events, and Hopin in order to select the most appropriate for a 50-100 attendee event that will require registration, engagement tracking, and feature polls, quizzes, and interactive discussions.

Early Findings



  • GoToWebinar's service features include event management, flexible scheduling, and webinar templates.
  • Users can also brand their webinar materials with their logo, create custom registration forms, have a channel page, and publish their webinars in GoToStage.com.
  • Interactive features include an engagement dashboard, drawing tools, video presentations for panelists or audience members, share documents for people to download during the webinar, and polls and surveys for the audience.
  • Users can also record their webinars to share them online, pre-record webinars that feel like live events, and integrate with CRM or marketing automation services.
  • GoToWebinar also allows users to generate attendee reports, event analytics, and track channels that generated more webinar signups.


  • GoToWebinar's Starter Plan costs $89 per month, the Pro Plan costs $199 per month, and the Plus Plan costs $429 per month.
  • The Starter Plan includes service for 100 participants and eleven features that include reporting and analytics, polls, handouts, and Q&A, full-service registration, and automated emails, among others.
  • The Pro Plan includes service for 500 participants and all the platform's features.
  • The Plus Plan includes services for 1000 participants and all the platform's features.
We created a Google Sheets document to present our findings and to add the information of the other webinar platforms.

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