Research Outline

Cannabis Brands Marketed Towards Female Wellness


To identify and understand key the competitive landscape of companies selling CBD or THC products marketed as wellness products for women's general and sexual health:
  • Identify the biggest players in the CMD/THC female health and wellness space in US states where cannabis is legal
  • Identify which companies are specifically marketing wellness products like lotions, sprays, oils, gummies, and/or sexual health products to women
  • Conduct a competitive analysis of these companies' estimated revenue, cannabis sourcing, retail avenues, and social media footprints

Early Findings

The initial round of research indicates that there is a wealth of information available on cannabis companies marketing CBD/THC products to women, but there may be limited data available on the companies' revenue as many operating in this space are privately held.

Current Marketing of CBD Products to Women

  • According to a conference hosted by the Federal Drug Administration's (FDA) Office of Women's Health, cannabinoid-based brands, including those with CBD, are increasingly targeting female consumers in marketing campaigns.
  • The Associate Commissioner of the FDA Office of Women's Health CBD believes that this occurs because conditions commonly referenced by cannabinoid-focused brands, including "chronic pain, sleep disturbances, anxiety, and depression" are more common among women than men.
  • These brands are often focusing on the holistic benefits of using CBD products for sleep, menstrual pain, skincare, and mental health, as well as its advertised anti-inflammatory effects, which women are likely to respond to.

CBD or THC Products and Brands for Women's General and Sexual Health

  • High on Love is a CBD brand that features two main product categories: its wellness line and its intimacy line. The wellness line features products like body butter, hand cream, oils, and a massage candle, while the intimacy line features massage oil, body paint, and stimulating oils and gels.
  • Kush Queen is a wellness-focused cannabis brand that sells US-made skincare, sleep aid, sexual health, and personal care products including sleep gummies, lotions, serums, shower gel, lube, and bath bombs.
  • Yummi Karma markets its cannabis and hemp-based products specifically for women's health. The company is currently running its "Empower Women, Period" campaign to promote access to feminine hygiene products. The company's line of CBD and THC drops also features products for specific health & wellness uses, including a menstrual pain relief product, a daily booster, and a sleep aid.
  • Moon Mother offers CBD products focused on overall wellness, including three skincare products: a face serum, an eye serum, and a face mask. The company also sells CBD topicals, pet products, and supplements. Moon Mother's blog often highlights product benefits specific to women's health and wellness.
  • Beboe offers plant-based, skincare products with CBD. Beboe's product line includes sheet masks, face serums, body balms, and more.
  • Quim, available in California, markets its products for vaginal health and sexual wellness. The brand features products like serums, oils, and lubricants meant to enhance sensation, reduce inflammation/pain, and promote relaxation and overall health in vaginal tissue and pelvic muscles.
  • Foria is a CBD/THC brand that focuses on offering sustainable CBD products that promote overall wellness and sexual health. Its products, which include oils, suppositories, lubricants, tonics, and supplements, are recommended for women's sexual health and period pain on the company's blog.
  • Manna Molecular is a CBD company focused on science-based health and wellness. While the company's two current products do not feature copy explicitly marketing for women, the company focuses on pain relief and sexual wellness, which are commonly marketed towards women. Additionally, Manna Molecular features content on women's sexual health, likely related to a previous product no longer available on the site.
  • Apothecana sells CBD products for muscle & joint pain, intimacy, and skincare. These products range from daily hygiene products like deodorant sprays and calming/soothing body lotions to personal care products like intimacy oil and a bath soak.
  • Infinite CBD is a cannabis wellness brand that operates over 1000 wholesale locations in the US. The company sells CBD gummies, creams, and lip balms, as well as a personal lubricant product.
  • CBD Daily is a personal care brand owned by Earthly Body that offers skin creams, serums, and sprays. CBD Daily also sells CBD massage candles, massage oil, and hair care products.
  • Emera, also owned by Earthly Body, specifically focuses on CBD-based hair care. Emera operates online sales as well as salons where its products are sold. Its products include conditioners, hair treatments, and serums.

Summary of Our Early Findings

  • We used this initial hour of research to analyze the current marketing of cannabis products and identify popular CBD/THC products marketed for women and women's wellness.
  • We were able to identify several brands that specifically market CBD/THC products for female wellness like lotions, oils, and serums, including Infinite CBD, Moon Mother, and Apothecana, among others. Most seem to offer a combination of general wellness and sexual health products for women, but some, like Beboe, Emera, and Quim feature more specialized product lines.
  • Continued research can identify additional competitors with similar products and female-focused marketing and then evaluate which companies are most successful in terms of revenue (especially for publicly traded companies) and/or brand awareness (for privately held companies). Those companies can then be used to conduct a competitive analysis of the CMD/THC female health and wellness space.