Bioscience Companies and Projects


To establish some of the bioscience companies and bioscience projects happening in Connecticut.

Early Findings

UConn Health Center

  • In the past decade, Connecticut has been on the forefront in creating bioscience projects that have attracted entrepreneurs who have continued to fund more projects such as the enhancement of UConn Health Center.
  • The UConn Technology Incubation Program is a quality lab space that supports start-up projects.
  • Incubator Lab

  • The Jackson Laboratory was expanded into Connecticut and has supported projects such as CBIF, which has helped narrow the gap created by the loss of employment in the big pharma companies such as BMS, Bayer, and Pfizer.
  • The Jackson Laboratory expansion into Connecticut also helped to overcome the 2008 recession. Through the years, the lab has supported many projects such as Genomic Medicine facility’s various collaborations with others such as UConn as well as Connecticut Children’s Medical Center.
  • The lab has also supported the expansion of BioCT’s CURE Innovation Commons, as well as a bioscience incubator that has been occupying ex-Pfizer space.

Proposed next steps:

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The initial research has discussed bioscience companies and projects in Connecticut. We recommend more research to look at 2-3 major components that make up Connecticut’s Bioscience. Examples may include; Ongoing programs meant to improve quality healthcare access in the state and any ongoing infrastructure expansion or renovation. For each of the facilities expanded or renovated, more research will add 4-5 resources in these facilities, such as types of incubators, library resources, any collaborations with scientific experts and mentorship programs in the facilities.
Further, we recommend more research to outline 3-4 major opportunities prompted by the bioscience companies in Connecticut. Some examples may include job opportunities, attracting investors and putting the state on the map as one of the bioscience hubs in the US.