Innovative Concentrated Cleaning Solutions


Obtain a list of companies that supply concentrated cleaning solution in the United States (i.e. commercial cleaning of office spaces, schools, healthcare facilities, hotels, etc. that is generally mixed with water to create a ready to use solution) and each companies innovative solution form (tablet, pack, etc.), technology used, and end user benefit.

Early Findings

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Provided Companies

  • Ecolab provide cleaning solutions developed using antimicrobial, dispensing and monitoring, personal and environmental hygiene, polymers, surfactants, solid chemistry, water management, and data analytics technologies. These products increase efficiency.
  • Diversity has solution products as well as wipes that are developed using proprietary hydrogen peroxide (AHP®) technology. These products are non-irritants and increase efficiency.
  • Chem Pacs has developed dissolvable pacs that are created using "Green Seal Certified formulations and biodegradable and phosphate-free formulas." These products are sustainable and efficient.
  • BHC has developed dissolvable tablets through "progressive research and development focusing on sustainability." These products are sustainable and efficient.

  • R-Water creates on-site chemical generation using patented TC-RU technology. These products are sustainable, efficient, and cost-effective.

Additional Companies

  • Core Products provides innovative bottle and wipe solutions created using a reduced toxicity cleaner formula. These products increase sustainability.
  • 3m creates bottle cleaning solutions using abrasives, adhesives, biomaterials, ceramics, advanced composites, dental & orthodontic materials, films, fluoromaterials, metamaterials, nanotechnology, nonwovens, performance materials, porous materials and membranes, and release materials technologies. These products offer quality and efficiency.

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