DTC Companies


Gain an understanding of how DTC companies Keeps, Cove, and Evens are marketing to consumers, specifically using strategies prioritizing ROI over customer acquisition

Early Findings


  • Hair loss solution company Keeps reports nearly 60% month-over-month growth since their launch in early 2018.
  • Customer retention rates for the DTC company are over double that of leading hair loss brands that employ a traditional sales model.
  • The focus the company has used is around the combination of immediacy and high quality care, with a customer being able to receive a diagnosis and plan within an hour, vs. the average wait of 32 days to see a dermatologist.
  • The company has used this unique ability to increase access to medical expertise and give users more power over managing their treatment to stand out over other companies.


  • Cove, founded by the Keeps team, has a similar method of targeting consumers, by offering a more affordable and accessible migraine solution.
  • The company recognized the need for easier migraine solutions, and offers $30 virtual consultations that allow them to stand out over traditional medical options.
  • The brand name Cove is also meant to convey the foundations of the strategy, providing migraine sufferers a calm, easy path to relief, similar to a cove as a place protected from the waves of the sea.
  • Cove uses Instagram as part of their marketing strategy, referring to the condition rather than the treatment in order to adhere to the platform's guidelines.

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