Covid-19 K-12 Tests


To fin examples of Covid-19 test and trace models planned to be used in K-12 schools in the US or worldwide. Each example would ideally include key components, partners, scientific evidence or guidelines informing approach, and funding sources if available. The information will be used to evaluate opportunities this market.

Early Findings

1) Covid Tests


  • In the US, federal health officials told a Senate committee on 11th of May that widespread testing and tracing of Covid-19 will be essential to ensure that kids can safely return to school in the fall.
  • In the absence of a vaccine against the disease, Antony Fauci recommended that states should work on developing testing procedures and tracing capability to be able to quarantine affected people rapidly.
  • The Senate committee chairman declared that "All roads back to work and school lead through testing".
  • However, he also mentioned that so far, federal testing efforts were not sufficient and that schools needed testing methods that could be quickly administrated such as at-home saliva tests and rapid on-site testing.
  • The National Institute of Health is rapidly reviewing new potential diagnostic methods through a"Shark Tank"-style program.
  • It is claimed that the country will have the capability to collectively test 40 million to 50 million people a month by September.


  • In the UK, school staff was already tested for Covid-19 in May and testing was planned to cover children with symptoms from June 1rst 2020 when they were supposed to start going back to school.
  • Many types and brands of Covid-19 tests are available in the UK, including swab and antibody tests, as long as they have the CE mark.
  • Public Health England announced on 14th of May that it has approved a reliable antibody testing kit developed by a pharmaceutical company called Roche in Switzerland, and is negotiating with the company to see if it can be produced at an affordable price.
  • In Singapore, pre-school staf have been subjected to swab serology tests, as well as polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests.

2) Tracing


  • In the UK, people who test positive to Covid-19 will be asked to log on to a website and enter the following information: Name, date of birth and postcode , people they live with, recently visited places, names and contact and details of people that have been in close contact within the last 48 hours before the symptoms started.
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