Repositioning Brand


To identify food category brands that have repositioned from the light lean category into the healthy food category, including the language used in naming, for visual cues, and product formulations. Ideally links to visuals would be provided. To identify any information regarding the use of claims in marketing and which claims are most effective. This will be used to reposition a brand in the frozen food category.

Early Findings

  • The best brands when choosing words to describe the product will look to emotive words, as they best create an image in the mind of the consumer.
  • Brands that elicit a response or evoke a response are the brands consumers remember. When branding, consider the five words that the company wants the consumer to identify with the product.
  • The exercise of deciding the words to describe a product should not be underestimated as this is ultimately the words that will define a brand.
  • Clearly identify the what and why when branding a food group. Consider the markets that the product will move into in the future. Words mean different things to different people so it is important that the words used can be equally used in another market.


  • There was little information available on re branding from light to healthy. Given this, we have focused on how to successfully position a brand and choose the appropriate messaging for it to be successful. We spent a considerable amount of the first hour of research attempting to locate information regarding the re brand unsuccessfully.

Research proposal:

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