Executive Contact Information


To gather the available contact information (business address, email, and phone number) of executives that were involved with the founding of Sabon, including Avi Piatok, Sharon Hasson , and Guy Zwillinger. The information will be used to pitch a business opportunity.

Early Findings

  • According to old articles and Pitchbook, Sabon was founded by Avi Piatok and Sigal Kotler-Levi.
  • Contact information of Avi Piatok, Sharon Hasson, Guy Zwillinger, or Sigal Kotler-Levi is not publicly available.
  • We were able to find only one "Guy Zwillinger" on Facebook, who can be the requested contact as he is from Israel and is friends with a person with the last name Piatok and another with the last name Hasson.
  • Contact information of Avi Piatok and Sigal Kotler-Levi can be requested here.

Proposed next steps:

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We propose searching for 3-5 more executives, and their contact information (email, phone number, business address), that are related to Sabon and could be a connection to Avi Piatok, Sharon Hasson, Guy Zwillinger, or Sigal Kotler-Levi. Executives related maybe current Sabon's CEOs from different locations, current owners of Sabon, etc.
Alternatively, we could find 2-3 more links for each person (Avi Piatok, Sharon Hasson, Guy Zwillinger, and Sigal Kotler-Levi) that may offer their contact information by request or payment. Links for Sharon Hasson or Guy Zwillinger may not be available.