AR and VR in the Travel Industry


The goal is to see what new AR/VR trends are occurring in the travel industry as a whole, as well as in the cruise industry specifically.

Early Findings

  • Some hotels, like Atlantis Dubai, are offering virtual tours of their hotels and rooms that can be accessed with a VR headset.
  • Some are even taking it a step further and offering the ability to book a hotel room right through the VR headset.
  • Hotels are offering virtual experiences of local popular attractions to allow potential clients to experience what those attractions might be like, and thus decide to travel there and potentially stay at the hotel.
  • Hotels are using AR to create interactive displays for their customers. One example is a hotel that created interactive wall maps that includes information about areas and attractions when viewed through a smartphone or tablet.
  • Tourist attractions are using AR in a similar way by allowing visitors to use their phones or tablets to see more information about the attraction or restaurant they are at just by pointing their camera at it.
  • Push notifications are a form of AR that allows companies and attractions to automatically send notifications with relevant information or advertisements when people enter a certain area. It also allows hotels to create location-specific features for their customers, such as unlocking their room doors with their phones when they are within a certain proximity of it.
  • Companies are creating tourist attractions that are entirely virtual reality-dependent. One example is the VR Viking Exploration exhibit in Denmark that allows visitors to fight dragons and explore a 3D Nordic landscape.
  • While VR and AR is booming in the travel industry, there are still concerns among businesses regarding making sure their VR and AR content is accessible by a large portion of their consumers, whether that be through their own devices or by providing VR headsets and other devices.
  • The Seaborn Cruise Line is using a VR training tool called Pixvana to train their waitstaff using a virtual dining room with 105 tables.
  • Royal Caribbean cruise line debuted a new cruise ship, Spectrum of the Seas, that features VR gaming rooms and the ability to unlock rooms with a smartphone.

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