Inbound International Visitors


To find the top 10 countries by volume of people that visit the US for leisure and the top 10 countries that visit New York State for leisure. This information will be used to promote the Adirondacks as a global leisure travel destination.

Early Findings

Residence of US Leisure Travelers

  • According to the National Travel and Tourism Office, the top 10 countries by their share in the leisure inbound tourism in the United States are the United Kingdom (13.8%), Japan (10.3%), Brazil (7.2%), South Korea (6.7%), Germany (5.5%), China (4.8%), France (4.7%), Australia (4.2%), Argentina (3.5%), and Italy (2.9%).
  • The above-mentioned study excludes North America (Canada and Mexico).
  • Another study conducted by the US Travel Association states that Canada and Mexica are on the top of the US inbound international tourism (for both business and leisure travel).
  • This statement was also proven in another study conducted by the National Travel and Tourism Office. According to this study, the top ten countries (including both business and leisure travel) are Canada (21.2 million), Mexico (18.5 million), The United Kingdom (4.7 million), Japan (3.5 million), China (3.0 million), South Korea (2.2 million), Brazil (2.2 million), Germany (2.1 million), France (1.8 million), and India (1.4 million).

US International Inbound Tourism

  • About 79.6 million international visitors come to the United States annually.
  • These visitors spend about $156.3 billion in the United States, with leisure spend totaling "$761.7 billion in 2018 from domestic and international travelers."
  • The average stay of an inbound overseas tourist is 18 nights. This average tourist spends $4,200 while in the United States.
  • "Overseas travelers account for 84% of international tourist spend, despite being half of all international arrivals."

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