Luxury Candy/Snack Brands


The goals of this research pertaining to luxury candy/snack brands in the U.S. are to (1) provide examples of their social media content and web content, (2) provide examples of their launch-specific digital content, (3) create case studies of how low-involvement brands have gained social media engagement, and (4) identify key messaging used around their launch or branding. This information will be used in creating a strategy for a competitor in the luxury candy/snack space.

Early Findings

Social Media and Web Content Examples From Competitors

Launch-Specific Digital Content

  • We found digital content pertaining to the launch of the luxury candy brand Squish Candies. Squish Candies sells over "100 flavo[]rs of gourmet gummies."
  • Squish got its start in 2014 and we provided two screenshots of some of the brand's earliest Instagram posts, which pertain to the launch of the brand, in this Google Doc.

Summary of Initial Research

  • During our initial hour of research, we got started on identifying luxury candy brands that operate in the U.S., providing examples of their web and social media content, and providing examples of their launch-specific digital content.
  • The two Google Docs that we created can be used for additional examples of such content that we can complete with further research, as is outlined below.
  • Below, we have also outlined a research plan to compile the additional information requested about luxury candy/snack brands in the U.S.
  • With regard to the requested case studies, please let us know what is meant by "low-involvement brands" by leaving a comment on Proposal Two below, so that we can be sure to find the right information!

Proposed next steps:

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