Salt Innovation


Obtain ideas on innovative salt product and packaging format. The ideas will be used for a seasoning brand innovation work session.

Early Findings

Salt Innovation

Amola Salt

  • Amola Salt had its packaging redesigned to highlight the premium quality of the product.
  • The redesigned packaging conveyed the rich history of salt and its old-world reputation as a luxury product.
  • The brand name of the salt is also meaningful as it is taken from the ancient word, "amoleh," the term used to refer to the salt bar currencies.
  • These salt bars were so precious back then that they were known as "white gold."
  • The intricate border design of the product also incorporates a femininity to the packaging that conveys both "necessity and luxury."


  • Saltverk is an artisanal salt brand from Ireland.
  • The product is sustainably produced with pure geothermal energy.
  • To convey its environment-friendly origin, the product's packaging features the Icelandic terrain.
  • The packaging is also made of paper boxes that can be reused.
  • The packaging also aims to convey the tradition, premium quality, and distinctive attributes of the Saltverk brand.

Salt in Stand Up Bags

  • Stand up bags are considered as one of the best ways to package salt as this type of packaging keeps the product dry.
  • The bag also comes with a zipper to control the flow of salt.
  • The zipper can also prevent contamination of the rest of the salt inside even if a pinch has been dispensed out.

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