Research Outline

Parent Nation Influential Outreach


Build lists of 75 influential figures in the parenting space.
  • Fill the first four tabs of the attached spreadsheet with influential figures in the following categories:
    • Parent influencers with young children, such as mommy/daddy Instagram influencers.
    • Celebrities who actively talk about parenthood, such as Amy Schumer.
    • Celebrity book clubs such as Reese Witherspoon and Natalie Portman.
    • Policymakers that are vocal in the parenting space.
  • For each figure, provide their name, organization/company affiliation (if applicable), social media handles (Twitter and Instagram), the number of social media followers, link to their website or LinkedIn profile, any relevant background information, and a link to an article or press they've published or been featured in.
  • The influential figures in the fifth tab "Contacts from PN team" should not be duplicated.