Ancestry Market Analysis


To determine the global size of ancestry market size, customer profile, competitors to, new technologies/products emerging in this space, and heavy users and typical customers of these services from an age/gender perspective.

Early Findings

Genealogy Market Analysis

Genealogy Product and Services Market

Top Players

The top players in the global genealogy product and services market are "23andMe, Inc., Ancestry, Color Genomics, Inc., Helix OpCo LLC, Gene By Gene, Ltd. (FamilyTree DNA), Mapmygenome, Positive Biosciences, Ltd., Futura Genetics, MyHeritage Ltd., Pathway Genomics, Xcode Life, Diagnomics, Inc., and Toolbox Genomics."

Proposed next steps:

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Our initial research provided some insight into the ancestry space specifically, the market size and top players by region and market share. Given that there are available resources on this, we propose further research to identify 3-5 additional insights into the genealogy/ancestry space. We will describe in details; 1). What genealogy/ancestry services people buy that are similar to ' 2). Annual expenditure on these types of services and 3). Top country/region that buys these services more than others.
We also propose proceeding with the research to obtain the demographics of heavy users and typical customers of genealogy/ancestry services. This would include information about the age, gender, income level, ethnicity, occupation, and marital status of the users. Furthermore, we will research on new technologies/products trends emerging in the genealogy/ancestry space. We will provide information about 1). what the trend is 2). why it is a trend (why you chose it), and 3). 1-2 industry experts championing the trend.
Since we have identified top players in our research, we propose further research to identify top 5 competitors of We will be providing information about and its competitors which would include 1). 3-5 sentence overview of the companies 2). Revenue 3) 2-3 sentence description of each product/services offered 4) cost of service and if they offer free trials and 5) Their customer profile.