Neuroscience of Leadership - Article List


Additional research and published articles about the neuroscience of leadership. The articles should be presented in a Chicago style bibliography with a brief summary of each. Resources should be from credible resources, which may include resources such as Harvard Business Review, McKinsey, and Wharton.

Early Findings

The New Psychology of Strategic Leadership

  • Written by Giovanni Gavetti, this article touches on the relationship between cognitive/neurological sciences and strategic leaders.
  • It describes how strategic leaders can "manage relevant mental processes and overcome their own and others’ cognitive limitations in pursuing distant opportunities."

How Neuroscience Will Make You a Better Leader

  • This article was written by the author of The Genius Habit, Laura Garnett.
  • Laura Garnett interviewed "Dr. David Rock, who is paving the way in 'neuroleadership.'"
  • According to David Rock, "the state of the art right now is helping leaders have a more robust and complete language for the mental experience."

The cognitive-behavioral system of leadership: cognitive antecedents of active and passive leadership behaviors

  • The paper proposes "a cognitive-behavioral understanding of active and passive leadership."
  • They explain "leaders’ stable behavioral tendencies by their fundamental beliefs about themselves, others, and the world (core evaluations), while their variable, momentary behaviors are explained by the leaders’ momentary appraisals of themselves, others, and the world (specific evaluations)."

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