Research Outline

Foundations in the U.S.


To create a list of the top 20-25 private foundations in the United States. For each foundation, the size of the foundation in dollars should be provided, along with the name of their chief investment officer. The foundations included should be those that provide funds for projects in healthcare.

Early Findings

Identifying Foundations

  • Organizations that fall under NAICS Code 813211 are known as "grantmaking foundations or charitable trusts".
  • These organizations may be referred to as community foundations, philanthropic trusts, corporate foundations, or grantmaking foundations among other terms.

Foundations in the United States

  • D&B Hoovers was utilized to generate a list of organizations in the United States that fall under NAICS Code 813211. Hoovers organizes the list based on highest revenue (i.e. size of the foundation in dollars).
  • The first fund on the list is the Connecticut Higher Education Trust with a revenue of over $1.7 billion. However, this foundation is a program designed to help families save for their child's college education, and therefore, does not appear to be relevant to this request (i.e. foundations that are funding healthcare initiatives).
  • The third fund on the list is the Simons Foundation with a revenue of over $619 million. This foundation appears to be in alignment with this request as they focus on areas related to healthcare such as physical sciences, life sciences, and autism research. According to Crunchbase, Simons is a private foundation. Simons does not appear to have a chief investment officer after examining their website and available employee profiles on LinkedIn. Instead, the closest matching job roles appear to be Marlow Kee, Chief Financial Officer and Patricia Weisenfeld, VP of Special Initiatives.

Results of Initial Research

  • It appears there is sufficient information available to help identify foundations that are among the top 20-25 in the United States. Hoovers is one resource that can be used to generate a jumping off point, as it ranks foundations based on their size in dollars (i.e. revenue).
  • Further research on each organization listed needs be done to identify those which meet the criteria of providing funding for healthcare initiatives. This can be done by examining the foundation's website.
  • Once it is determined that a foundation provides funding for healthcare initiatives, further research on the organization needs to be done to determine whether it is a private foundation. This can be done using sites like Crunchbase.
  • Once it is determined that an organization meets all the aforementioned criteria, further research needs to be conducted to identify the name of their chief investment officer, or if no such job role is held within the organization, the name of the closest matching job role can be provided instead of this.