Research Outline

Mobile App for Dads Market Data


Gain an understanding of the market for a mobile app aimed at curating media for dads, including competitive landscape, market size (revenue and customers), key players, and areas of opportunity in order to support business plan development, go to market strategy, and product design.

Early Findings

Key Players

  • There were a range of existing apps for new and expecting fathers, with the most popular ones including Daddy Up, Quick Tips for New Dads, Who's Your Daddy, and Pro Daddy.
  • Daddy Up offers users a field guide to pregnancy as well as tools for being a new father.
  • Quick Tips for New Dads offers regular randomized tips as well as features that allow fathers to share their knowledge.
  • Who's Your Daddy is a humor based app that helps dads related to common challenges of pregnancy as well as offering information on baby's development each week.
  • ProDaddy offers 3-minute reads called "Daddy Deep Dives" as well as other curated resources for expecting and new fathers.

Market Size & Opportunity

  • There were 3,745,540 total births in the US in 2019.
  • It's expected there will only be a slight decline in births due to COVID.
  • New fathers are approximately an average of 31 years old in the US.
  • 44% of childless men between age 18 to 49 hope to become fathers at some point in their lives.
  • 57% of fathers see parenting as central to their identity.
  • Dads are more insecure about their parenting abilities than moms, with only 39% feeling they do a good job, compared to 51% of mothers.

Market Strategy

  • Dads commonly use social media to connect with other dads and consume and share content related to fatherhood.
  • Of fathers surveyed, 91% use Facebook weekly, 60% use Twitter weekly, and 49% use Instagram weekly.
  • One source noted that brands have the most opportunity when they can tap into the desire of fathers to be better dads.
  • 44% of dads surveyed use social media to connect with other dads.
  • Blogs are another source of media related to fatherhood, with common blogs like The Good Dad Project and National Fatherhood Initiative having tens of thousands of readers.