Emotional Loyalty - Airline, Hotel, and Retail


To identify marketplace examples of loyalty programs in the airline, hotel, and retail industries that tap into emotional loyalty.

Early Findings

TOMS Shoes

  • An example of a brand that taps into emotional loyalty is TOMS Shoes.
  • From the beginning, the company built a brand and business model on the foundation of giving where for every pair of shoe purchased, the company donated a pair to a child in need.
  • Consequently, even though TOMS Shoes does not sell the cheapest shoes, consumers are committed to spending the additional money because of what the company gives back to the society.
  • When consumers create emotional ties with socially-conscious brands like in the case of TOMS Shoes, they are 32% more likely to visit their store and are willing to spend on average 46% more.

Research proposal:

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