False Lashes & Liners Market


To gain insights into the False lashes market, particularly the trends in the category and available magnetic eyeliner brands. The information will inform a new product development strategy.

Early Findings

  • According to Oprah Magazine, some magnetic eyeliner brands include Ardell, VASSOUL, Essy Naturals, Lash’d Up, Coolours, Arishine, MoxieLash,
  • According to the website, MoxieLash magnetic eyeliners are the “most revolutionary high-tech eyelash solution.”
  • One Two Magnetics is “is the first magnetic eyelash created to give you the look of fuller, longer lashes effortlessly.”
  • According to the Magnetic Eyeliner Blog, Ardell Magnetics magnetic liners are long-lasting, waterproof, and paraben latex-free.
  • Kiss Magnetic Eyeliners have smaller magnets for a discreet, comfortable fit.
  • According to the website, “the LashLiner System is a patent-pending magnetic eyeliner and false eyelash system that lets you have beautiful eyelashes quickly, easily and painlessly.”

Proposed next steps:

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During the initial hour of research, we identified some Magnetic Eyeliner Brands that already exist in the market. Because the list is non-exhaustive, we suggest continuing the research to identify 8-10 additional eyeliner brands that exist in the market. For each brand, provide a description, website, and key competitive features of their products (magnetic eyeliner), etc.
We also recommend further research to identify 4-6 trends in false lashes. For each trend, provide a description, drivers of the trend, impact on consumers/market, and any brands that are at the forefront of the trend.
We could also proceed to the determine (i) market size of the False Lashes market and include any available insights about the market, and (ii) determine growth projections and drivers of the False Lashes market.