Research Outline

Current Marketing Positions in Not-for-Profit


To create an Excel spreadsheet to record information on open positions for senior marketing professionals in the Non-for-profit sector.
Create a spreadsheet with the following data: Job Title, Company, Job Description URL, Location, Role Overview, Salary Range, Organizational Size, and Industry.

Early Findings

  • Initial research indicates that there is a minimum of 24 job boards that post open positions in not-for-profit organizations.
  • Many non-for-profits use the term development instead of marketing, as the function in not-for-profit includes, like marketing, awareness, and revenue generation.
  • The jobs found in the first hour of research are found on the spreadsheet available here.

Summary of Findings

  • During the one hour allocated for this initial round of research, we were able to find a list of 24 different job posting boards that support non-profit organizations.
  • If job postings for senior development positions are not desired, please indicate in your reply.
  • We have assumed a geographical focus of the contiguous 48 states. If a tighter focus is preferable, please let us know.
  • Current Positions on the spreadsheet include
    • Vice President of Development for the Alzheimer's Association of Los Angeles CA,
    • Director of Development for the Arthritis National Research Foundation in Irvine, CA
    • Director of Development for Ronald McDonald House Charities of Jacksonville, FL.