Dance Summer Camps


To obtain information on dance summer camp options available, that include hip-hop in their activities, near Philadelphia, PA. for a 13 year old girl.

Early Findings

  • Bryn Mawr Dance Camp is a night stay camp for girls between the 5th and 10th grade. Their activities include ballet, modern dance, and hip-hop. It is about 152 miles from Philadelphia.
  • Woodward's dance camp is a night stay camp focused on hip-hop, jazz, and contemporary dance. It is about 179 miles from Philadelphia.
  • Camp Lohikan is a night stay camp that offers a hip-hop clinic. It is about 166 miles from Philadelphia.
  • Camp Billibay is a night stay camp that offers a dance program that includes ballet, jazz, modern, tap, and hip-hop. It is about 166 miles from Philadelphia.

Proposed next steps:

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From our initial research, we were able to find four night-stay camps suitable for 13-year-old girls, that offer hip-hop dance activities. None of the camps identified are located in a 120-mile radius of Philadelphia, but they are all at a distance of fewer than 180 miles from the city. We propose identifying additional 2-3 night-stay summer camps near Philadelphia (not further than 180 miles) that offer hip-hop activities and are suitable for 13-year-old girls.
Additionally, in order to help select the most appropriate camp, we propose providing an overview of reviews for each of the previously identified camps: (1) Bryn Mawr Dance Camp, Woodward dance camp, (2) Camp Lohikan, and Camp Billibay). For each camp, we will provide an example of 3-5 client reviews and an overview of the reviews (e.g. the camp has a good reputation in general or a bad reputation).