Similar Solutions/Platforms to


To provide a list of similar solutions/platforms to transcription service together with description of functionality and pricing. Research will be used to fulfill demand in the transcription market.

Early Findings


  • PCMag tested a list of top online transcription services including
  • Based on their research, the platform/solution most similar to is Trint.
  • Trint offers automatic transcription, web editing functionality, mobile app availability, and collaboration features.
  • Trint is best for transcript editing.




Proposed next steps:

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As the initial hour of research provided a list of competitors to, we recommend continuing research into verifying whether these 3 services/platforms (Trint, Tetra and Sonix) provide non-branded AI-powered transcription of audio and video files with search functionality. (Please note that we will try to verify whether the final product is non-branded using only publicly available information e.g. product description, reviews, etc. instead of signing up for a paid service.)
Alternatively, we can also continue research to build a list of 5-10 AI-powered transcription services/platforms that provide non-branded transcriptions of audio and video files, with search functionality. Each request will include 5 solutions/platforms with a description of services and pricing. If this is not available, we will try to provide platforms/solutions that meet the most number of criteria similar to