Research & Strategy Topics


To identify research and thought leadership/strategy topics that might be of interest to leaders for new lunch and learn style presentations designed to spark new research projects on macro trends. Macro trends are defined as directional shifts involving large populations lasting 5-10 years+.

Early Findings

  • One hot topic that might appeal to leaders involves blockchain. This is especially apparent because enterprises are demanding enhanced offerings, interoperability and integrations are moving to the center stage, and the role of public blockchain in enterprise processes is becoming vital.
  • Blockchain is also at the heart of another macro trend, decentralization. Its abilities to protect privacy and eliminate reliance of central authorities, along with Americans ever-declining trust in government, might make blockchain an interesting topic.
  • According to Inc., 3 macro trends affecting businesses in 2019 were data privacy and security, decentralization, and gig workers.
  • In fact, the gig economy and gig workers might be exceptionally interesting given that at last two of the Big Four firms focus on them. EY created a report noting how the gig economy is changing the workforce. And, in 2019, Deloitte wrote a report on how the gig worker “alternative workforce” is now mainstream.
  • To further this, self-employment in the US is expected to triple to 42 million people (millennials lead the charge).
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