Research Proposal

Customer decisions - MSPs


To understand how companies decide to use managed service providers - their motivations, who the decision maker is, how they make the decisions, then how they select a provider.

Early Findings

Why companies chose MSPs

  • According to Dell research, the top reason SMBs turn to managed services is to have access to “more proactive services and improved service levels"
  • Other key drivers seeing customers switch to managed IT services include a need to reduce downtime, management of all the tech infrastructure, control and predictable costs, lack of experienced internal resources, and lack of external providers.
  • Those companies with just one or two IT staff are often keen to use that staff more strategically.

Concerns companies have when considering MSPs

  • Timeliness of response is the biggest concern, followed by pricing. Companies are also concerned about information security, provision of onsite support, complex pricing models, and unclear contracts.
  • Factors affecting chosing one company over another

    • In the Dell study, 79% of clients indicated they chose that company primarily because of its ability to provide “service reliability”.
    • Pricing and ease of doing business also played a major role in company's decisions to choose Dell - "89% of respondents rated “pricing of services—cost effective at a fixed monthly price” as very or somewhat important, while 82% ranked contract flexibility as very or somewhat important. "

    Using MSPs - stages

    • Broadly, customers of managed services go through 4 key stages: Planning, implementing, monitoring, and optimizing.
    • The plan stage involves the business buyer, the implementing stage involves the customer's IT team, the monitor stage involves business managers and IT ops, then the business buyer is involve in optimizing.
    • Some 59% of IT services have "transitioned from the traditional break-fix model to a managed service contract" (2016 survey).

    Availble info

    • Our research so far suggests that the only California-specific information that is available is limited to the companies headquartered there and their individual services features. Likewise, research about the industry as it relates to the West Coast only turns up results about companies servicing the area.
    • We also found that there is more information available on why clients choose to swith to MSPs, than on how they make that decision. A search for surveys and customer studies turned up little specific information. Even company-based surveys tended to focus on satisfaction rather than on the consumer decision making process.
    • There is also a lot of instructional information about how to choose an MSP that could provide some insight into the factors that companies could consider and research.
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