Research Proposal

Personal Care Trends


In order to provide a report for personal-care company Edgewell, identify packaging, product, and consumer trends in the personal care industry.

Early Findings


  • One trend in packaging for consumer care products is smaller packaging. This trend is driven by younger generation's penchant for trying new products without fully committing to one.
  • Sustainable packaging continues to trend as consumers become more environmentally conscious.


  • Natural and organic products continue to see increased growth in the personal care industry.
  • Product segmentation around gender, especially for males, continues as more products are developed that specifically address the growing personal care concerns of men.


  • Purchasing personal care products at new retailers, including fashion retailers and online, is a trend in how consumers are obtaining personal care products.
  • Personalized products, a result of "skin tech", are trending with consumers in the personal care and beauty category.
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