Research Outline

Non-Profit Online Fundraising: Consultants


Provide a list of the best consultants/firms providing online fundraising services to non-profits.
  • Specifically, the research will focus on providing a list of consultants/firms specializing in raising money online through crowdfunding.
  • Examples of the type of strategies to be used can be viewed in the following websites:

Early Findings

Data Availability

  • The initial round of research indicates that there is adequate information available on this topic.
  • Please note that all the consultants/firms mentioned below are listed on one or more of the following best or top lists.
    • Donorbox — 17 Top Fundraising Consulting Firms.
    • Wimgo — Top Fundraising Consultants in USA.
    • Donorsearch — Top 25 Fundraising Consulting Firms for Better Fundraising.
    • Double the Donation — 15+ Excellent Fundraising Consultants.


  • Aly Sterling Philanthropy is a fundraising consulting firm based in Toledo, Ohio which includes educational institutions among its clients. Nonprofit services offered include fundraising, strategic planning, and Board catalyst services to its clients.
  • CCS Fundraising is a fundraising consultant firm offering services in enriching education and in operation over the past 70 years. The company has offices in Australia, Canada, Ireland, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Services offered include planning and strategy, campaign and development management, data analytics, systems and research, and training and leadership development.
  • Graham-Pelton is a nonprofit fundraising consulting firm with its headquarters in New York City. The company operates in the healthcare, social change, and education sectors, to which multiple services grouped under campaign initiatives, operations and data, growth and strategy, and donor and constituents are offered.
  • Campbell and Company is a fundraising consulting firm with locations in Washington D.C., Chicago, Portland, and San Francisco. Services offered to non-profits include fundraising, communications, strategic communications, executive search, and insights. The company operates in the arts and culture, healthcare, and education sectors, among others.
  • Alexander Haas offers fundraising consultative services to educational, artistic, and faith-based organizations. The firm is based in Atlanta, Georgia and offers its clients campaign strategy study, pre-campaign counsel, campaign counsel, and endowment campaign counsel services to its clients.
  • Averill Fundraising Solutions is fundraising consultant headquartered in New York City, in operation for the past 60 years. Clients come from the faith-based organizations, arts and culture, healthcare, and educational sectors. The primary services offered are campaign direction, campaign planning & feasibility studies, annual fund direction, embedded staffing, leadership learning, and executive search.
  • Thompson Habib Denison (THD) is a social impact agency specializing in assisting nonprofits with fundraising solutions, headquartered in Lincoln, Massachusetts. The company offers growth strategies in new donor acquisitions, donor cultivation and renewal, monthly giving and sustainer, and mid-level donor strategy, among others.
  • DNL Omni-Media offers nonprofits assistance with technology to fund raise. In addition to assistance with fundraising strategy consultative services, the company also offers web development, marketing, and CRM and data management services among others services.


  • During the initial hour of research, the research team was able to identify eight consulting firms working with nonprofits offering fundraising services in the education sector.
  • Data availability in the public domain is readily available for the information requested.
  • The research team assumed a US focus for this research. For additional research, kindly advise if a global focus is required.
  • The eight firms identified above were all listed on "Top," or "Best" lists of consulting firms from industry practitioners, or in one instance, a review site. In the section below, the research team proposes to identify additional consultants/firms should more options be required.