Sports Engagement at Work


To discover statistics/data on the extent to which office workers engage with or follow/watch sports while they are at work. This research would be used to develop a pitch for advertisement during office hours.

Early Findings

  • According to Mark Robinson, co-founder of Kimble Application, "football has become a staple of office conversation and culture" in fall/autumn.
  • Some workplaces in the United States have started live-broadcasting of big sporting events or day-time games on office televisions, allowing employees to stay updated on the excitement of the sports while working.
  • According to a recent Kimble survey, over a third (37%) of United States employees say that they "participated in fantasy sports competitions during work hours".
  • 29% of employees believe that they have improved their relationships at work because of sports rivalries.
  • A total of 43% (almost half) of employees say that they have "watched games over the past year during work hours while their manager thought they were doing other tasks".
  • The Institute of Leadership & Management reveals that 90% of bosses (9 out of 10) will allow their employees to watch the World Cup while at work.

Research proposal:

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