Shoppable Media Consumer Engagement


Obtain statistics that show why consumers choose to engage with shoppable media.

Early Findings

Shoppable Media Consumer Engagement

  • Around 51% of those who are 18 to 36 years old had actively tried to buy something based on shoppable media that they have seen.
  • Meanwhile, 44% of 13 to 17-year-olds had also tried to buy a product based on shoppable media.
  • Around 53% of those who are 13 to 36 years of age stated that they view shoppable media to find items that they want to purchase.
  • The younger generation also chooses to engage with shoppable media due to the novelty and innovation of this content.
  • They also prefer to look at shoppable media to get some inspiration for their outfits.
  • Around 58% of those who are 13 to 37 years old show interest in shoppable media as this provides them a way to shop easily without disrupting their daily work.
  • Young people also prefer to engage with shoppable media as this enables them to purchase something faster.
  • Consumers also choose to engage with shoppable media as it gives them instant access to purchase the product or to learn about purchase options without having to go to a different platform.
  • In general, customers like to engage with shoppable media due to the seamless digital shopping experience.

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